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Exceptional Root Growth with Blumats

Everyone knows that root observation is a great way of determining a healthy plant, and the more roots the bigger your plants will grow.

But how about when you add consistent accurate moisture to the equation? Well we had one Blumat user send us these pics to show exactly that.

Blumat Grown Buds - "The Day-Break Star Herb"

"They came and gave an herb to me, the day-break star herb, the herb of understanding... all creatures saw it and in no place was there any more darkness" -Black Elk

Take a look at these "Blumat buds " grown by our good friends over in Oregon.

Super High-Flow Pump?

What happens when someone needs an even stronger pump then our high-flow? You combine two high-flow pumps to create the Super High-Flow.

Testing horizontal grow

This is a new growing system designed for maximizing the yield in a small space.

Using Less Water Saves You Money, Energy, and Even Your Plants!

    Anywhere from 97% to 99.5% of the water taken up by the roots of a plant ends up being released back into the air. During this process, a physical change in the state, or phase, of water occurs—from liquid water to water vapor. Implementing a watering system that uses less water on average effectively reduces the amount of water getting into the plants between 50% and 60%, which in turn reduces the overall amount of latent heat in the system. By reducing the amount of latent heat by 50% reduces the total heat of an air conditioning system by as much as 25%.

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